22 July 2009

Since I'm on vacation, I thought I'd post the rest of those pictures.

So I've arrived in Seattle. My time in Denver was a blast. Good to see old friends and hang out. But Seattle? I want to make slow love to it all night long. It is amazing here. I just got cold walking to get coffee. COLD. In July.

Oh you know how people are always joking about not being able to walk in Seattle without tripping over a coffee shop? That's not really an exaggeration. At all.

Anyway, here are the pictures. Promise I'll log in and blog more later. After I shave my head and get several tattoos.

More from my younger days. This is me with my Aunt Dana's Boston Terrier, Tucker. I was scared to death of him, despite what it may look like.

My mom's second wedding. That's my sister's dad with the child molester mustache. He's not a child molester, though, I promise.

I'm at the beach! Someone carved my name in the sand with a shovel!

Meet Sanders, my first boyfriend. I suspect that he doesn't know he was my first boyfriend, but that's his problem. He lived next door to my aunt and uncle (I helped dig their pool with a spoon...dressed in my bikini. Shut up, I was three.).

Me and my little sister (of Moving Checklist fame) at Rock City in Chatanooga, Tennessee. Note the sexy hot skort things we're both wearing and my sister's 12-inch thick bangs. Anyone who's ever asked me what color my hair really is...I'm pretty sure this is it!

Let's move on to some scary hair. I really have no idea what the fuck I'm doing or why on earth I would still have such a picture in my picture album, it is. Try not to be afraid.


Oh, and here's my I-have-no-idea-why-this-is-my-school-picture 8th grade school picture in Hawaii. With three of my best friends. And in case you were wondering, yes, I do believe that is a rodeo scene across the chest of my white button-down shirt. No, I have no idea why that would be the case.

On to high school, where my mom promptly made me do Glamour Shots. Please hold while I scrub the two inches of makeup off my face. I remember the whole time this "photo shoot" was taking place, feeling like I couldn't smile, lest I crack my face in half.

A montage of high school/high school dance pictures. Eesh.

My high school boyfriend, Marc. I'm wearing a vest. I don't know why.

In this one, I look possessed.

School pictures, junior and senior year. Who let me get a perm (no, it wasn't the first time)?

Sophomore homecoming. It seemed like a good idea at the time to go ahead and dance before we got our picture taken. Nice hair, eh? And seriously, if you haven't already, check out those eyebrows. They're like caterpillars. I hadn't really noticed yet, though.

Junior homecoming. Meet Tony. He was the goalie on our soccer team. And he had green eyes. And a car! Oh, and he was kind of a jerk. Why yes, those are chopsticks in my hair.

Senior prom. Meet Travis, son of the nudist parents. Oh, how my mom hated him.

We stayed at prom for about 45 minutes. Then we went out somewhere but I have no idea where no one tell my mom. I can't still get grounded for something I did 12 years ago, right? There must be a statute of limitations on that...

After senior prom. At the Village Inn. I'm wearing overalls. They were the thing then, trust me. Everyone was doing it.

After high school, I moved to Dallas, met some people, and did some stuff.

Jay and I dated for almost five years. For some reason in this picture, he's trying to eat my face or something. I picked it because it's the only one where I might look cuter than him. He totally reminds me of Jim from The Office.

I blame this next picture on him. Completely.

Back in the day, before college, I spent a number of years selling houses. I looked like this:

These are some random embarrassing shots:

Oh, and I can't forget...the moment I knew I didn't want to have children. When they parked me at the foot of my stepmother's vagina and made me watch her give birth. I. Am. Never. Doing. That.

And last, but certainly not least, here's me...this morning, while sitting at a coffee shop in Seattle making this blog for you. Hi!

If I'm not home in a week...leave me the hell alone. I love it here!


adriana said...

I remember the overall days! I wanted a pair of sage green Dickies SO BAD and my mom finally got them for me. I wore them like 3 times.

Watching childbirth has to be one of the best cures for wanting kids. My boyfriend had to do part of his internship in a delivery room and yeah. Even stories of childbirth are a good cure.

mysterg said...

As someone with a coffee addiction, Seattle sounds like my kinda town!

Some cute pics, bad fashion and the right choice when it comes to hair colour. To quote Matthew McConaughey from Dazed and Confused: "I love those redheads!"

Joanna said...

Hooray! I'm glad you found a place you love! It rocks, eh?

Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

You clean up well. I would take you home to visit Mom if you didn't have that...well...'past'. I find it sexy but you know the way those immigrants from the old country think. Hope you have a great vacation. Loved seeing those pics. We all should post our own. It has that humbling effect for those moments when we think we are 'all that'. said...

I've always loved Seattle.

Amy said...

But you must come back, because we miss you! ...and I have a gift for you upon your return! :o)

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