08 December 2009

You know what I'm sick of hearing about?

Tiger Woods.

Guess what people...I JUST DON'T CARE that he slept with a bunch of women who weren't his wife.

Not even a tiny bit.

Less than you're thinking even.

And yet here I am talking about it because it's all I hear about on the damn radio.

Let me ask you this: Did Tiger Woods ever sign up to be anything but a really good golfer? Nope. So he cheated on his wife. He can still probably swing a golf club and that's all I expect of him. Whatever else he wants to do in his spare time is really none of my business.

Please tell the media to get it together. There MUST be something else to talk about, right? Anything? Hell, I'd even listen to more TO talk if it means I don't have to listen to everyone act like Tiger Woods has raped and murdered a small child or something.


carissajaded said...

A to the men, sista. All my co-workers are huge golfers and have taken even more of a personal interest. The conversation about Tiger has literally been non-stop and I am about to go frickin crazy!!

Jay Ferris said...

I could care less as well. The only real sore spot for me comes from knowing how gigantic his Daddy issues are, and what kind of freak show that must make him in the sack. One minute he's sobbing uncontrollably about never being good enough, the next he's threatening to bury them somewhere on the back nine at Augusta.

Toe said...


Jodey/Fat Chick Biker said...

Preach it sister.

Carol said...


Maryx said...


Jeff said...

i would agree had he actually signed up to just play golf. however, since he is the first athlete to make over $1 billion dollars and sign endorsement deals with general motors, titleist, general mills, american express, accenture, nike, tag heuer, gillette, and gatorade which puts him on television more than obama; oh and he has an entire series of video games with ea sports.

do i think there are better things to talk about? yes.

but i blame him for using his image and marketability to get him into every household in the first place.

Evening Sketches said...

Word. I am this close to calling The Ticket to complain.

That Kind of Girl said...

A friggin' men, dude. I'm making a conscious effort to ignore the scandal, and as a result, all I know is that cheating occurred and somehow a car became involved. It is my goal not only not to find out any more than that, but to go ahead and actually even forget that I ever knew that much. It's boring, guys, and it's irrelevent to his amazing skills as an athlete.

Plus, I'm always wary of what happens to celebrities when we take their vices away. I mean, look at what happened to Stephen King when we made him lay off the coke: he went from being the greatest living popular American novelist to a mere columnist for Entertainment Weekly. Sad. Sad.

Graygrrrl said...

here here! Why is this news or anyones business?

justjp said...

Da Pimp Tiger! said...

Hallafuckingluya. Obama commits 30,000 more troops to the war and all the media cares about is whether or not mistress number 6 was a waitress or not.

Louise | said...

I guess people who see Tiger as a role model or those who didn't expect him to do something scandalous like this unlike other athletes, were really disappointed with him.
We may not care so much about the scandal, but apparently, the media and the majority of the world's population do.
He's a man. All men do this... well, majority of them. :D

Zan said...

I also agree...who cares how many plastic slags he's stuck his dick into? Big fuckin' deal.

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