14 August 2009

It's Friday, we should break up - So-called "invisible solid" deodorant.

Wait a minute. It's not "so-called 'invisible solid' deodorant." It's either "so-called" or "invisible solid." Cause there ain't nothing invisible about it.

It's all over my clothes.

Secret, Dove, Degree, you're all the same. "New! Improved! Formula!" That just means the old formula sucked and you know it. Unfortunately, you've made little progress in this arena.

Even more unfortunate is the fact that there are so few other options. That clear stuff does weird things to my clothes. And it feels all wet and sticky. In a really bad way.

I'm at a loss here, but I stand strong. Invisible solid deordorant? We're threw.


Joanna said...

Try the natural hippy crystal stuff. It works great(snerk), honest, rubbing a rock under your pits feels very effective! Try it!

mysterg said...

Or you could just rock your natural pheromones - works for me!

Graygrrrl said...

If you use that hippie rock I promise to kick you in the face! I agree with mysterg- maybe funk will come back in style and we can all walk around carrying small bouquets of flowers and fruit w/cloves stuck in. Awesome!

PS- I've found the degree works the best but you can't put a whole lot on.

rs27 said...

Thats why you shouldn't wear deodorant.

Anonymous said...

please tell me you used "threw" on purpose for some ironic reason?

Brina said...

Came across your blog by way of 'I like to Fish.' I laughed soo many times I had a coughing fit. Great blog!

Travis said...

Brina totally came here from my blog! I am so excited! And yeah.... "Threw?" Tell me you did it on purpose!

shine said...

It was a test, people! And you passed!

I promise I know the difference between threw and through. I just wanted to see if anyone would notice.

Jeff said...

here's what i find fun
1. put on antiperspirant so you don't sweat and get pit stains
2. you sweat anyway
3. antiperspirant has chemical reaction with sweat
4. this causes yellow/orange pit stains that never ever come out
5. buy new shirts

adriana said...

OOH! I totally use Mitchum women's deodorant and not only does it work fabulously, it hardly ever leaves marks. On rare occasion it'll leave a little white on the inside of a black shirt, but it's so much better than any other one I've tried!

Christel said...

Lady Speed Stick (little black dress): I swear to Jesus it works.