29 May 2009

It's Friday, we should break up - The State of California and Every Social Conservative in Existence

Kim, over at writes a regular letter to a random asshole. She calls it "Dear Asshole." Which I think is pretty awesome. This week, she wrote a "Dear Asshole" letter to the California Supreme Court. Short, sweet, and to the point.

My comment was (longer than her actual post, yes I tend to do that) this:

But they let the marriages that were performed stand, too. Which makes no sense.

Wait, let me start over. Seriously, people, wtf? This is not okay. No one should get married, I’ll grant you, but if you’re going to let some people get married, you have to let all people get married. I understand not approving marriage between people and goats, even though some people truly do love goats. But allowing gay people to marry does not mean that next week people will be marrying goats. Even though they don’t talk back and I hear they’re very gentle lovers. One does not lead to the other. Nor does any of the other crap you’re so afraid of make any fucking sense. Please follow your Bible’s rules and stone me for eating shrimp, if that’s how it has to be.

But having said that, how does it make sense to say, “Yeah, this isn’t okay, I supreme courtly rule that you don’t have the right to be married. But…well, it’s okay for this small percentage of the gay population who got in under the wire”? Way to create strife in an otherwise, fairly united community. Assholes.

Can someone please please explain to me the fear people feel about this? I just don't get it. At all.

So I'm breaking up with you, California. Even if your beaches and your people are pretty.

And to all you social conservatives out there - watch out. Pretty soon, we'll all be coming after you. Just wait until we strip away your rights. Oh kinda like that, don't you? That explains the eight freaking years of George W. Bush. Maybe we'll force all of you to be in a relationship with a goat. I see a YouTube video in the making...


Erin said...

Yeah, I'm really disappointed with the California Supreme Court as well--but I am more frustrated with the ballot measure passing in the first place. I just don't *get* the whole "we want less government!" "get the government out of our social systems!" "the government has no place in our lives!" people who then turn around and pass a law that is the epiotme of everything they say they are against. How does passing a law that governs what can or cannot be done between two consenting adults not equate to an invasive government?

Anonymous said...

Thank god I do'nt live that side of the pond. I am absolutely seething, and I can only imagine the fury I would feel were I a) californian and b) gay.

Rachel said...

All of these people are just worried about their own vanity, and that makes me sick.

"But what if people find out I'm ok with gay marriage?! THEY'LL THINK I'M GAY!"

It's like high school.

adriana said...

Yeah. While I hate the discrimination going on right now, I hate that the ballot measure passed more than I hate the CA Supreme Court.

Because the decision they were judging on wasn't if the gay marriage prop was RIGHT, but if CA voters had a right to change the wording as opposed to just adding an ammendment.

So, while it sucks, and yes it is a setback for equal rights, I can't be angry with them for upholding what the voters voted for.

Instead, I blame the absolutely backwards thought process of social conservatives that somehow it's ok to take away basic civil rights from anyone. They're the ones we should be angry with. They're the ones who need a serious adjustment in their world. The only way we're going to see equality is when people can accept it, and it'll be an uphill battle for that.

Alice said...

no, but don't you see? the social conservatives are all about granting rights! long as they're the rights they decide are worthwhile for everyone else. and if they're not, well BOY HOWDY that's just too fucking bad for you.

there are SO MANY aspects about this that rile me to levels of fury where i lose the capacity to speak, but i think the "it threatens my hetero marriage - which is probably my 3rd, because i cherish the institution of marriage so much that i've been divorced twice - so that's why i oppose it" line of thinking gets me the most apoplectic.

shine said...

The whole thing just makes me all shouty.