01 June 2009

Yes, that was a 23-year-old boy who came out of the ladies' room. Yes, I did make out with him.

Don't worry, I'm not going to give you a weekend recap. Unless you want me to tell you that on Friday night I stayed home and went to bed at 10:00 pm (and rs27, I blame you for the fact that I watched not only The Duel 2, but also Daisy of Love. Daisy of Love is like crack! I can't wait to see what happens next! Ugh). Or that on Saturday I went to the gym (where I made my calves so sore I'm still hobbling around like an old lady) and did some rock climbing (where I bit it so hard I now have rope burn up my arm and I nearly yanked out my belly button ring). Because you don't want to hear about that crap.

Saturday, I hung out with my friend Dee Dee and her neighbor, Peaches. Where I was told one of the most awesome bad sex stories I've ever heard (it definitely competes with Maxie's soft-serve story). You'll have to check back later to read it. Hopefully she'll give me permission to tell it, since she's told the entire state of Texas and I won't even give up the guy's name.

Anyway, after the first bar, Dee Dee and I bounced to another place. Peaches doesn't really have a lot of going out stamina yet, so she took her lame ass home.

I am doing a horrible job of telling this story. Just ignore all the other crap.

I had to pee really bad, so I headed off to the ladies' room (what? That isn't what you do?). There were two girls standing in front of me, waiting. Ugh. Why do we all have to pee at once?

So the door opened and out walked...a boy. Um. It says "Bush" on the door, dude. You get what that means, right?

Anyway, the other two girls go in together. I'm sure they stripped down to their panties and had a water fight in there.

You're welcome.

I said to the boy, "Uh, you get that you were just in the women's restroom, right?"

He said, "Yeah, but I really had to go and there was someone in the men's room."

"Yeah, but now I really have to go and you made a line for my bathroom."

He said, "Oh, sorry. You can just go in the men's. I'll stand out here and guard the door."

Now, I really had to pee. But my experience with men and restrooms is this: Ya'll are all about 12. Not only do you frequently piss on every available surface BUT the toilet (I used to work at Whataburger, trust me, this is a true statement), you also tend to try the door handle when you know there's a girl in there (happened to me no less than two years ago at a Halloween party). So I was a little wary.

"Okay, but I'm locking the door and when I come out if you're not still standing here, I'm going to be pissed."

And apparently, it was love. Or something. Ick, ew, ugh. I just freaked myself out with the L-word. For the rest of the night, he was attached at my hip, talking to me, trying to be clever.

After my third blueberry vodka and cranberry juice (seriously, it was DELICIOUS), it seemed like a really good idea to give him my phone number when he asked for it. I even thought it was kind of cute when he immediately called me to make sure I hadn't given him a fake number. Which, frankly, I do all the time to those retail people who ask.

Me: old are you, exactly?
Him: 23.
Me: (Looking over at Dee Dee, who is CRACKING UP) Oh no...
Him: What? How old are you? Like 21, 22?
Me: Oh no...(much laughter)
Him: What?
Me: 29.
Him: That's not that old.
Me: (juice is now coming out of my nose because I have choked on it from laughing so hard) Uh huh...

He said he "really liked my personality" (read: boobs), and he'd "really like to hang out sometime" (read: make out).

He asked if I wanted to hang out the next day, and I said okay. And boy was that weird. He 23. And I a puma (look, I'm not old enough to be a cougar and besides, HE picked ME up).

My favorite moment from the "date"?

Him: Blah blah something about movies, blah.
Me: Have you seen the new Star Trek movie?
Him: No, but I really want to. Have you seen it? What did you think?
Me: I've seen it. It was okay. The characters were good, blah blah, but I didn't really like the story, blah blah blah...
Him: Oh, I just found this out, but did you know that there were like two other Star Trek movies before this one?
Me: (blank stare)
Him: I don't know if they were any good.
Me: (blinking)


Me: Um, you're kidding, right? If by "two" you really mean "ten."
Him: Really?

Oh geez.

But he has very good manners and seems to think we should "do this again sometime."

And yes, he has a job. Something about inventory logistics. And no, he doesn't live with his parents. At least, I don't think so. Oh no...


Losing It said...

Oh, my little puma... I think it's awesome that you're reeling in the young fish, you hsould revel in it!

Erin said...

Oh man... I thought that was limited to teenagers (boy oh boy do I have some "oh my god are you clueless idiots" stories about sitting near teenagers at movie theaters)!

At least he was nice though, right? And you know he wasn't trying to take you out so you'd buy him beer ;)

Jay Ferris said...

I'll admit it; when I find myself really sloshed someplace I'd rather not be, I make a point to get as little pee in the toilet as possible.

Anonymous said...

Younger men can be fun. Just keep in mind, the booty calls come later. If you go to bed at old person time like me you may never get laid.

txsand said...

Hey, his age is the same as the age difference between me and the little woman.

LiLu said...

That is adorable.

In other news, RUN.

P.S. I share your secret shame of Daisy in Love. Don't tell anyone. Shit, did I just put that in writing?

Antelope said...

I also give a fake number to the retail people! And my husband always gives me the "I'm ashamed of you" head shake, because he's Jesus or something.

shine said...

Losing It: Haha. He's soooo young.

Erin: Well, he was buying his own drinks at the bar... but it could have been a fake ID!

Jay Ferris: I knew that was you.

longredcape: I don't think I can go out with him again, really. I have a grown-up bedtime.

txsand: I bet she loves it when you call her "little woman." Six years isn't very many at certain ages, but this six years felt like ten years.

LiLu: Running! And I won't tell. But it's still rs's fault.

Antelope: You're married to Jesus! Cool! Also, does he want you to get all the catalogs they'll send you so you can do more shopping?

Lucia said...

Hey love your blog unfortunately I forget where I came from, Mich maybe I can't remember (I'm in my 40's please cut me some slack). This particular post was interesting because when I met my husband I was 26 and he was 21. Yep he lived with his parents, lied to me about having a job and forgot his wallet on our first date (WHISPER IN THE DARK movie). Just awful eh? And I married the dude...somedays I wonder why? lol...anyway looking forward to more of your blogging wishing I was 29 again!