10 December 2008

Today, on my Happy Birthday...

I've decided that heterosexual marriage isn't legitimate. From now on, that husband you worked so hard to get is now your boyfriend. That trophy wife you spent so much money on is your girlfriend. I just don't recognize heterosexual marriage. Sorry.

Until you decide to admit that gay marriage doesn't actually affect you at all, you don't get to have a legitimate marriage in my eyes. Until you admit that all you're doing is fostering hate and discrimination because you're scared (which I also don't understand), he or she is just your "friend." If I'm feeling nice, I might say "roommate."

And if you want to argue about how gay parents affect children, please read this (Thanks, Jane!). Just try to tell me that child would have been better off with his straight mom. I dare you.

So today, on my Happy Birthday, I ask you this: think for a while about why you're so bothered by gay marriage. Don't think about why all those people on the radio or the news or at your church have told you that it's wrong. Don't even think about your Bible today. Just think for yourself.

Half your straight marriages don't even work, what's the harm in letting gay people in on the action? Personally, I think we should do away with all marriage, or at least provide some alternative that makes logical sense.

Think for yourself and see where that takes you.


Jane Dough said...

I don't recognize your birthday. My cult teachings state that birthdays should not be celebrated. :)

Go gays!

meshealle said...

Bitch! I recognized your birthday.

Killer B said...

Happy Birthday, M!!!

Christine said...

I've questioned heterosexual marriage ever since my divorce. We didn't even have children, so what was the purpose of it in the legal world? Questions about inheritance and medical decisions are important, but there are laws for that when you are single, why make it more complicated. I think it's fine that people get married in church, but what's the purpose of all the legal paperwork with the state?

meshealle said...

Absolutely Christine. I don't see the point either, especially if you're not having kids.

I don't need the government in my personal relationship, thank you very much!

Jason Harx said...
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meshealle said...

Can't please everyone, I guess.

I'm okay with recognizing hetero marriages, once the hate and fear of gay marriage stops.

Except that I think it's stupid and pointless to get married...but that's a topic for another day.