09 December 2008

That's all folks!

Well, it seems one of my favorite radio stations has changed format. Instead of making an announcement or something, they played school fight songs for four hours yesterday. I couldn't figure out what was going on.

Apparently, they decided that Dallas needed more sports stations. We don't have enough of them already. Look, I like sports. Well, okay, I like football and baseball. But what Dallas doesn't have is another "alternative" talk radio station. And by alternative, generally they mean funny, raunchy, entertaining. Oh, and an alternative to that conservative talk radio crap that's on all the AM stations.

Was it the most intelligent of radio stations? No. I would argue that listening to the same fifteen songs over and over, interspersed with idiotic DJs is no more intelligent. I hate music on the radio these days, and Live 105.3 was a great station to fall back on.

Things went downhill, so I thought, when Pugs and Kelly left. They were replaced by Ben & Skin who, in my opinion, wouldn't be able to radio DJ themselves out of a paper bag if their hands were on fire. They suck. Big time. The only thing they can offer is a reasonably good Wade Phillips impression. Little did I know what was in store...

Well, lucky me! Ben & Skin are now my drive home companions. The station fired long-time successful host Russ Martin in favor of this new sports format, but for some reason decided to keep The Jagger Show on in the morning slot. Even though they rarely talk about sports.

As far as I can tell, they're mostly there to stroke Jagger's enormous ego. Dean Lewis is the only saving grace on that show, and he's been quite the pissy little bitch since his divorce. Too much time on a morning radio show has clearly weakened his skills in the comedy department. This morning, during the short and sweet weather report, Jasmine (the Jagger show ditz) informed us, "Today's high is 59 degrees; right now it's 62 degrees." I know you're just reading off a piece of paper, honey, but c'mon. If it's 62 degrees right now, it's unlikely that the high today will be 59, right?

My point is this: I already have plenty of alternatives in Dallas radio if I want to listen to the Cowboys game on Sunday. I don't need another one. Hell, I already can't listen to any other game on ESPN radio for fuck's sake. Because I'm in Dallas, my only option is the frickin' Cowboys. And Live 105.3 already had the ever useless Nascar Radio. Really people. That's not even interesting to watch. Why in the fuck would I want to listen to it on the radio?

So this is goodbye Live 105.3. You will be missed. And if anyone knows where I can catch Russ and the gang or Big Dick Hunter (cause let's face it, he's at least smart, even if he does insist on talking about UFC fighting half the time), let me know. Otherwise, I'll just stick to NPR. Well, and those crazy conservatives. They remind me to vote.


Jane Dough said...

My radio dial rarely leaves NPR. I'm an addict.

I hear Kidd Kraddick is funny, raunchy, and entertaining. HAHAHA! ;)

Killer B said...

Radio isn't much better where I live either. In fact, I haven't listened to it in years. There was an awesome university station that spun all sorts of awesome music but they are long gone.

Apparently satelite radio is supposed to be really good, but who wants to receive yet another monthly bill for something that with a little effort, can be compiled for free in an iPod anyway?

That's it. No witty comment as the loss of good music is tragic indeed. Very sorry for your loss.

BTW, the weather report you received was hilarious.

Jason Harx said...
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