04 December 2008

Resolution Time

It may be a little early, but I’m starting on my New Year’s Resolution list now. Normally, I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions because I think they’re a waste of time. No one actually does anything on the list, right?

So I probably won’t either. But I’m making one anyway. And it starts with this:

I’m tired of getting hurt. In the coming year, it is my resolution to become less emotionally available.

I’m tired of backing down. In the coming year, I will be more aggressive.

I’m tired of being a doormat. In the coming year, I will be more of a bitch.

I’m tired of hearing “I dunno.” In the coming year, I will ask fewer questions.

I’m tired of living in fear of stupid shit. In the coming year, I will be brave.

That’s all I can come up with so far*. I encourage everyone to start their resolution list today! Hey, maybe I’ll even start living up to mine early.

*Of course, I also want to lose 100 pounds, write a book, travel, go running five days a week, join a gym, actually go to the gym I join, pay off any debts I may have, get a better job, go back to school, never ever eat chocolate or drink soda again, make more friends, try new things, volunteer at least once a month, be a better person, and have a spiritual epiphany**.

**I don’t really want to have a spiritual epiphany. I was having a Bridget Jones moment. Now my wobbly bits are revolting. If only could choose the way fat was arranged under skin. Quite nice. Byeeee!


Jane Dough said...

You want to lose 100 pounds? And you think I'm warped? Um, no.

meshealle said...

Not literally! Geez. But people always make outrageous resolutions.

If I aim for 100 and only come out having lost 25, what's the harm? ;)

Killer B said...

So in a nut shell, it is your intention to be more emotionally vacant, aggressive, short tempered, belligerent, self-assured and cocky? So basically, you are planning on turning into a man, right? HAHAHAHAHA!!!

(I tactfully left the weight thing out of this - upon changing genders you will quickly realize that as a man: We don't really give a shit about how we look. Goes to being emotionally vacant, aggressive, short tempered...etc. :D

Jason Harx said...
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meshealle said...
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