03 December 2008

Please send presents!

For once in my life, I totally know what I want for my birthday. Harx doesn't do presents, so I'm making my case to the masses (ahem, all five people who might read this...).

If I'm being honest, what I really want for my birthday is a washer and dryer. But I'm going to plead to my parents for those items.

Which means that these babies (HA!) are up for grabs (from

Seriously, how could anyone not want these for a present?

I have to give credit to Jen over at Cake Wrecks for turning me on to these. If you haven't read her blog, go read it now. It's hilarious.


Jane Dough said...

When I move, I can give you my washer/dryer for a small fee. I planned on selling them anyway. The only problem is, I have no idea when I'll be moving. Stupid kids.

meshealle said...

Yeah...I don't want to go another 6 months without one, since my best option is to be called "annoying."

Jason Harx said...
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meshealle said...

They're cookies. Let's not expect too much, eh?