12 December 2008

Tiny Fiction

My friend David came up with this awesome idea. Or...well, maybe he stole it from someone else. Either way, there's an awesome idea on the table: tiny fiction.

We're going to write tiny bits of stand alone fiction. They will be 500 words or less. They will be fiction. They will be posted on our blogs every...well, whenever we write them. There may not be any other qualifications or rules.

A couple of things I might choose to post were writing assignments from a class I took. I decided that in this case, I will give you the assignment at the top of the post. This might be wussing out, but it might not. You decide.

I'm sure you're all looking forward to this as much as I am!


David said...

I actually got the idea from one of those free newspaper things they have all over. It was called the New Times, and I read it when I was a teen in Scottsdale, AZ. On the back of every issue, along with the wacky want ads, they would have a one paragraph story. I expanded the idea to 500 words cause I'm too much of a wuss to write really really tiny fiction.

meshealle said...

My first one is less than 200 words, I think.

But I can't hit the publish button. It's too terrifying. This way the world will not laugh at me! :-)

Jane Dough said...


meshealle said...

Quit your bitchin'! It's posted.