15 December 2008

The Barn

I decided that maybe posting the writing assignment for you was wussing out. So I won't.

Age had discolored the bright white trim and crinkled it like old flesh. The sun shone down, highlighting every flaw. The nails that held the splintered boards were rust. The paint had chipped away, leaving only patches of red to cover the wood. The loft was bare. Wind shoved the structure back and forth, stretching and straining its weary frame.

Inside, there were different compartments for different animals. Compartmentalized, so the activities were separate. So that milking the cows didn’t distract the pigs from their slop.

The barn had been there for decades. Now it stood, decaying from the inside, on a blanket of wildflowers.


Jane Dough said...

Yay! That was great. Silly girl! You shouldn't have been such a chicken.

Jason Harx said...
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David said...

Nicely done! You have officially joined the club. We have a secret handshake and everything.

Do we get to learn more? Or will it forever be a mystery?

meshealle said...

It's tiny! What more do you want? :-)

I did eventually write a whole short story around the first three paragraphs, but I don't know how much I like it.