25 November 2008

The New Women

You know how you're always hearing things like, "Brown is the new black!" or "Chipotle is the new McDonald's!"?

Well, maybe you don't. But people say it, nonetheless. Well, I've decided. Men are the new women. Except they're not really an improvement.

No offense to those of you who were born with a penis.

Dontcha just love how people say that? "Hey, I just said something offensive. No offense!" Anyway.

Men are the new women.

They seem to be having a contest at work to see who can be the biggest bitch. They're all winning, as far as I can tell.

Yesterday a guy in the elevator asked me, "Do pink and orange really go together? That's so...gauche." Ouch.

And really, stop waxing your eyebrows. It's just weird.


Killer B said...

Does this mean that the new look of your blog is, ahem, "gauche"? Is this the new black, Baby? Very Debonair, very fashion forward...It's just SO "right now"!!!

Seriously, I like the new deco. The green was just SOOO last season! ;)

meshealle said...

Haha. Yes! I decided I would make my blog gauche. I should get to create a whole new template.

harx said...
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meshealle said...
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Jane Dough said...

I guess I suck as a woman. I had to look up the meaning of gauche