16 June 2009


So I was reconnecting with MadLibs a while back, and this is what I came up with. I think it rocks. The words I added are bold, so you can identify them. Truly, these are words to live by:

Here's to the Cuddly ones, the Oranges, the Shoes, the Men.
The Sexy pegs in the Ridiculous holes.
The ones who Fuck things differently.
They're not fond of Cans, and they have no Dogs for the status quo.
You can Schedule them, Be with them, Jump them, Catwalk or Suck them.
About the only thing you can't do is Eat them.
Because they Drink Boobs.
They Fondle. They Read. They Lie.
They Clean. They Burp. They Dance.
They Play the Bag forward.
Maybe they have to be crazy.
How else can you Poke at an empty Folder and see a work of Penis?
Or sit in an Eye and Lick a Box that's never been Copied?
Or Stroke a red Glass and see a Flower on wheels?
We make Desks for these kinds of people.
While some may see them as the Moons, we see Planets.
Because the ones who are Fucking Conservative enough to change the Ocean, are the ones who Crash.


Organic Meatbag said...

Ha!! I love Mad Libs! This has just instantly become one of my favorite lines: The ones who fuck things differently...hahahaha!

PorkStar said...

haha very nice... first time I hear of this, or read it... sounds like fun but I'm sure I would twist it in the sickest possible way. But worth trying it one day.

Jeff said...

thank you for reminding me of the existance of madlibs, now i'll have something to today between calls

Alice said...

madlibs!! aw man, i wish i had remembered their existence before the fishing trip this weekend... it would have been a perfect way to make sure we all stayed awake for the ride home :-P

Anonymous said...

ah yes, "The Sexy pegs in the Ridiculous holes". Reminds me of a time that I had stopped in a small diner in Santa Rosa, NM. I had just eaten the Pot Roast special when I felt a pain in the bowels on my innards, or perhaps the innards of my bowels; I wasn't really up for arguing semantics at the time. I hurriedly rushed into the restroom only to find water running from underneath the stall like a creek rampaging beyond it's banks. It was then that I realized I was not alone, as a man wearing a clown nose walked in carrying a rope, a monkey, and a box of thumbtacks. Immediately I recognized the man. "Hey, you're David Carridine!" I exclaimed. And thus, begins the story..

Just A Girl said...

I know how you can poke at an empty folder and see a work of penis - Tools: Folder Options: View: Show Hidden Files and Folders.

Erm...not that I've ever done that...

rs27 said...

My friend made up hiw own mad libs on road trips. One of those trips ended with two friends fighting because"Ken likes hairy dog balls"

Its mad libs. Can't discriminate.

Antelope said...

Wow, do you think that this is how they write those dada-esque junk e-mails I keep getting?

Jay Ferris said...

It's about time you made this bitch legit. You know, with the grown-up address and all.

shine said...

Organic Meatbag: Makes you wanna go do some madlibs, eh?

PorkStar: Please do some madlibs today. And then send them to me.

Jeff: I do what I can. Really, I do.

Alice: Madlibs - always better when you're drunk. Or bored. Whichever.

Anon: I think you know how I feel about this. Parasitic genius indeed.

Just a Girl: Of course not! You would never!

rs27: But Ken does like hairy balls, no?

Antelope: Oops. I'll stop sending those, ASAP.

Jay Ferris: I know. I'm pretty. This has nothing to do with what you said.