24 March 2009


I got a Myspace message a while back from some dude. Subject line: "From Lewisville?" While I'm not from Lewisville, I did live there for a few years, so I open it up. I don't really recognize the photo with the overwhelming blue tint. Message: "wow. you look as much as a freak as ever." I? That's not a usual word used to describe me. My reply: "Do I know you?" I mean, really...who the fuck are you? But I was trying to be polite.

This is what I got in response: "It doesn't suprise me that you wouldn't have a clue. If you don't remember than I am actually thankful." (I didn't feel the need to correct his spelling or grammar.)

Just out of curiosity, why the fuck would you bother sending me a message if you don't want me to remember you? And then it hit me. I went out on about two dates or something with that guy (I met him at the retail establishment where I worked), at which point he told me he was in love with me...ick. When I didn't respond in kind, he called me a heartless bitch and told me I have no feelings. Which just isn't true, but I don't usually fall in love with people after two days.

I decided to skip a response and just let it go. From what I had heard, he and this other girl we worked with got married not too long after I quit working there. And a couple of weeks later, I got a Myspace message from her. "Hey girl! It's been a long time! How are you?" Blah blah. Seriously? So you're husband wants to stalk me so much that you're going to participate? That's just creepy.

I ignored that all together, along with the friend request.

Last week, these people popped up again. The wife sent me a message on Facebook. Same style as last time. As though we're friends or something. I'm still ignoring it. What is wrong with these people?

On a different note, it's possible that I accidentally sort of clicked the "add to friends" button on Myspace when I stumbled upon my old high school boyfriend. Now I feel like the creepy one. Oops.


Kelly said...

Stalk much? That is creepy! My ex-boyfriend recently sent me a message through FB. I chose not to respond, as he's a dick and always was! It was all, "Yo I joined AA and you're part of my 12 steps. Sorry I'm a dick." Like I cared...

shine (the artist formerly known as meshealle) said...

Niiice. I won't be holding my breath for that phone call from my douche of an ex.

Awesome that you got to be part of the 12 steps. Wonder what happens if you don't respond...maybe he'll be stuck on that step for eternity. One can only hope. :-)

Antje Spethmann said...

I "friended" someone once who asked me why I would do it... I had broken his heart by failing to be in love with him. We were very good friends and I just reached out to him on an electronic medium... He acted as if I either had to be in love with him or I had to be completely incapable of any feelings at all...
That's not rational. I just wanted to be a friend on Facebook and know he was Ok and thriving without wanting to marry and bare kids. Anyway, he accepted. I guess he figured I must not be all evil.
Now the guy you went on two dates with - well, yeah... that's creepy.

Jay said...

That's the beauty of social networking... it throws up this (mostly imagined) awkwardness barrier between you and all the people you've wronged in the past! Given our nonchalant chatter back and forth across the blogs, most people probably wouldn't realize that you and I first met back in 1999 when you stabbed me in a knife fight in Honduras.

shine (the artist formerly known as meshealle) said...

But Jay...I thought we weren't talking about that. Tegucigalpa was supposed to be forever just between us. Nice of you to mention that I only did it to get you away from the large transvestite who was trying to give you a lot more than a knife in the back...if you know what I mean.

Yeah, that was me whipping out the capital of Honduras. I rock.