03 February 2009

What about the children?

Is anyone else as tired as I am of this question?

Why should I have to live my life based on the needs of your children? If you don't want your kids to watch "filth" on television, get rid of your TV set. Or your cable. And your computer and internet access. It's not my fault you chose to have children.

Recently Michael Phelps was photographed mouth-to-bong. In all the uproar, the thing I hear most is, "What about the children?" One man called into a radio show last night to ask, "How am I supposed to tell my 15-year-old son, who is a swimmer, that he can't do those things if he wants to swim like Michael Phelps when Michael Phelps is doing them?"

I don't know. Just do? You're the dad, figure it out. Michael Phelps is a human being. He is not bound to live by some imaginary set of laws set about to protect people's children. Oh, wait. Actually, he kind of is.

You see, swimmers don't make money swimming. Michael Phelps makes money from endorsements. And guess who might not have that lucrative McDonald's endorsement now that he's been caught smoking pot?

The problem is that smoking pot is illegal in the first place. It shouldn't be. No more than smoking cigarettes or consuming alcohol.

So unfortunately for Michael Phelps, his indiscretion will probably cost him. Of course, maybe that McDonald's endorsement isn't so great after all. When he first started doing those commercials, people tried to sue him for making their kids fat.

Maybe it's time we start teaching our kids about the evil that is advertising, instead of trying to blame their obesity on Michael Phelps. He's not fat, kids. You know why? Because he works out harder than almost anyone, and he does it everyday.


Killer B said...

Good call M. We cater to the lowest common denominator when it comes to censorship and everyone suffers as a result.

I will add that it's entirely possible weed isn't the worst thing that Phelps is going to get caught with in his swimming career. With performance enhancing drug use running rampant in sport, if athletic achievement seems too good to be true, it probably is.

meshealle said...

He already has a DUI, doesn't he?

He didn't really pick this celebrity thing, it was kind of...foisted upon him. Maybe we should give him a break.

Jane Dough said...

Maybe my boy saw the pic of Phelps. That's why he is out of control lately. ;)

meshealle said...

Yes! It's all Michael Phelps's fault! That explains everything... :)