02 February 2009

Relationship Police

Someone should really establish a "Relationship Police Squad." This way, selfish pricks could be punished for their selfishly prickish behavior.

I'm not sure how exactly it should work yet, but I think public humiliation and a hit to the offender's credit are in order.

Do I sound bitter? Yeah, that's because my selfish prick boyfriend up and broke up with me (after saying "I'll always be there for you.") when I told him that my feelings were hurt about something. This man should come with a warning.

Oh wait. He does. He'll tell you himself, I suppose. But not really soon enough and you won't really believe it. Plus there's the added bonus that most of your friends will take to him like fat boy to a rice cake. But will you listen? No.

So I'm the idiot. I'm the idiot who trusted when I was told "I love you" and "I'll always be there for you" and "You should tell me when something bothers you" that these things were true. They're not.

After a year and a half my asshat boyfriend quit because he was too cowardly to come up with another solution. And to top it off, he got angry with me for telling him my feelings were hurt.

And the worst part? He's fine. It's like I don't even exist. He doesn't even hurt, because he won't let himself. So while I can barely walk into my apartment and continue to breathe because I hurt so much and while I am still trying to deal with the death of my dog a couple of months ago and while I am dealing with a bunch of family crap, this guy who supposedly loved me and would always be there for me just left. And it doesn't even bother him.

In a couple of weeks, he'll have found some new girl to fuck, then fuck over. He'll be bored with her in a week or two. But it doesn't matter, because no matter how awesome she is and no matter how many times he tells her that she makes him happy and that she's a good girl, it's all a lie. No matter what she does, he will hurt her.

Nice guy, eh?


Killer B said...

I was SO sorry to read this entry. I know it doesn't help one bit when I say that I know exactly what you are going through, and I have no advice other than to say "hang in there."


meshealle said...

You could teach me how to not fall in love with people who don't want to be with me. That would be great.

Beckbee said...

Wow. That entry sounded appallingly similar to something I wrote a few years ago about one of my ex's. It hurts. I know, girl. You are strong and beautiful, you will keep on keepin on.