20 November 2008

What's that you say?

I work for a small company. Very small. So small in fact, that I could not sue someone for sexual harassment, even if I were being sexually harassed. Which, arguably, I am...on a daily basis.

A couple of days ago, when I got to work, I found this post-it note on my desk. It was stuck to a red folder. We have a very exciting folder system in our office, but I won't bore you with the details. Well, I won't bore you with the details until I decide to at a later date.

I will give you one clue. The man who left this post-it note on a folder on my desk, his name is Jesse. On about a weekly basis, he threatens to shoot me for some small infraction, which is usually not even my fault. Last week, his backhoe operator didn't show up for the first day of work. His whole life is now forever screwed up because of this.

It wasn't my fault. He said he had lined everything up, and asked me to please fax the backhoe operator dude's company a map and directions to the meet-up location. Which I did. It seems, he didn't give them a date.

"I'm gonna shoot you..."

Yeah. It doesn't really scare me except that Jesse is just crazy enough that he might, one day, snap and shoot me. He's one of those well-it's-not-as-bad-as-Nam kinda guys. Frequently, he says, "What are they gonna do? Send me to Nam?"

I don't have the heart to tell him that the Vietnam War (or whatever politically correct term we're using these days to call that thing we do when we raid other countries without approval from anyone important) has been over for a significant number of years. But they could send him to Iraq.

Anyway, this was on my desk:

Bonus points to the person who can figure out what it says. Any ideas?


Killer B said...

What's the matter, you don't read Sanskrit???



Didn’t I Vietnam anti-war pussies! Check back-ho Denver!!!

...And that STINKS of sexual harassment – You and your lawyer should drop this guy like a bad habit! HAHAHA!!!

Thanks for the comments BTW – I’ll respond to them today... :)

meshealle said...

Not even close!

And this morning he suggested that since he was the only man in the office, we have an orgy. How's that for sexual harassment?

Killer B said...

He talks about the war in Vietnam as though it's still happening, regularly threatens to shoot you and now he want an office orgy???

That's one f--ked up dude...

Watch yourself around this one, Chica...

BTW - what DID the note say?

meshealle said...


Didn't I send this to you.

Check 2nd drawer.

Thanks, Jesse"

Yeah...that's a 2. I still don't see it.

Killer B said...

HA! At least I got the name right! (Are you Rachel?)

I still think my interpretation was better...