17 December 2009

TMI Thursday - No, but really...this happened.

Hold on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen. It's time for LiLu's TMI Thursday!

TMI Thursday

I'm writing this on Tuesday because well, because it happened last night. I'd like to keep all the details fresh.

Last night, after I got home from work, I decided to take a bath before meeting my mom for dinner. For those of you who know me, you know how much I love a good bath. I had about an hour, so I settled in with a book for a good soak.

Of course, in the middle of it, I had to get out and poop, but that's a whole different TMI story. Probably one that doesn't need to be told.

Anyway, I finished my bath, but instead of reaching down to unplug the drain while I was still sitting in it, the way I normally would, I out of the tub. With all the water still sitting in it.

I realized my mistake as I was drying myself off, so I went to the side of the tub where the drain is located, so I could lean down and unplug it.

Sounds simple, right? But here's the thing. My skin was still all wet. And my shower curtain is vinyl. It was basically like sitting in a car with vinyl seats on a hot summer day. My skin stuck to the shower curtain like a tongue to a frozen metal pole. All of my momentum was carrying me forward. I lost my footing and proceeded to fall, head first, back into the tub. Pulling the shower curtain into the tub with me, but somehow not ripping it from its metal loops on the rod itself.

It took me a few minutes to come to terms with what had just happened and then a couple more minutes to untangle myself. I got out of the tub, dried myself off and realized...I still hadn't unplugged the drain.


The Peach Tart said...

Oh honey. Well did you get hurt at all? That's a way to kill a good relaxing bath buzz.

Organic Meatbag said...

I hate having to take a shit in mid-shower or bath...wet toilet paper sticking to your ass and all...

Laurie said...

At least you didn't knock yourself out and drown. That would've sucked.

Life in the Cube said...

That really sucks. Are you ok? Did you hurt yourself?

Joanna said...

You are really not good at baths. Any spectacular bruises this time?

GingerMandy said...

you fail at bathing. also, my first thought was "oh my god she did NOT poop in the bathtub."

RachelSmiles said...

oh yikes. i liked the way the story started though... i am also a fan of a long soak.
at least the good news is you didnt rip your shower curtain right?

Travis said...

I guess maybe I was really looking forward to another picture of your bruised ass.

No luck, eh?

You should probably get a bolt in shower curtain.

Mary said...

Ha! My TMI story this week is also about a ridiculous injury. Soulmates, we are.

carissajaded said...

hehehe i just laughed out loud at work. I don't know why, but falling down stories are my favorite. Hope you're not hurt!

justjp said...

Pure talent!

Jay Ferris said...

I say it can be considered intentional so long as you stick the landing. Just not stuck to your face, that is.

Ed Adams said...

Now that's funny.

Lucy said...

Since you are writing this I know you are fine and it gave me the right to laugh my ass off, which I did. I also laughed at Laurie's comment: " At least you didn't knock yourself out and drown. That would have sucked." Now, that is a comment!!!

LiLu said...

This should be filed under "Posts We Probably Should Have Titled: "THIS HAPPENED AFTER 14 SHOTS OF TEQUILA.""

Phronk said...

I see commercials during antique shows (SHUT UP I WATCH THEM WITH MY MOM) for these tubs you can get that have a door in the side for easy access, and all sorts of bars and handles to hold onto so you don't slip.

All the people in the commercial are about 90 years old, but they might sell you one too.

Alice said...

dude. that's AWESOME. you need a life alert necklace for christmas!

P said...

I had to go back there and double check you hadn't POOPED in the bath then fell in it, lol. ;)

Graygrrrl said...

You're like a living Buster Keaton!

Zan said...

LOL @Alice... "I've fallen and I can't get up!"

Sorry, Shine...

I'm glad you didn't seriously injure yourself!

Maryx said...

Oh Sh!t!! (Heehee) Ahem! Are you ok?! I guess you are huh? You're here aren't you?! =D

Margaret Benbow said...

Thank God you didn't injure your Shiny hide. Former Astronaut John Glenn took a bad fall in the tub and never flew as high again...

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