10 March 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I've been tagged about 37 times to do this on Facebook, but I'm bucking the system and doing it here instead. Thanks to Snarky Amber for the blog post idea!

1. I like dead stuff.
2. I'm completely obsessed with bones (ahem, get your mind out of the gutter).
3. I read 2-3 books per week.
4. I watch reality television because it makes me feel normal.
5. I feel like a terrible person when I read Sad Guy's blog to remind me that things could always be worse, then I do it anyway.
6. I have something like 16 total siblings, some of whom I've never seen.
7. I hate mayonnaise more than anything on the planet (aside, maybe, from two girls one cup...but it's a close call). Even typing the word is making me gag.
8. The word "moist" ooks me out.
9. I like Pepsi better than Coke.
10. I am terrified of failure.
11. I cannot stand to look at nail polish on my fingernails.
12. I hate the noise that macaroni and cheese makes when you stir it.
13. I would usually rather do things for someone else than for myself (but I'm working on this).
14. When asked what I wanted to be when I grow up (as a child), my answer was often, "a cheerleader."
15. I hate fake people.
16. I miss Peanut everyday. (She was my dog. She got hit by a car in November 2008.)
17. I think marriage is a bad, bad, bad idea.
18. I'm far too selfish to want children.
19. I have no idea what color my hair really is any more.
20. I think my lips are my best feature, but my eyes are a close second.
21. I've actually thrown sushi up in my napkin at a restaurant. Damn seaweed.
22. My "under-the-sink" spaces (bathroom and kitchen) are very organized.
23. I will watch just about any show on television that involves dancing.
24. I judge you for your poor grammar and spelling. Constantly.
25. This was harder than I expected.


Jane Dough said...

I saw Sad Guy this weekend at Irish Fest. He looked sad.

PunkyBean said...

My terrible spelling and grammer are very embarassing, so I don't blame you for judging!

If you assume that I grew up in the hood and went to a terrible school, you judged correctly!

shine (the artist formerly known as meshealle) said...

Haha. Don't worry about it, Punky. There are more important things in life. It's just one of those things I notice. :-)

At this point, I pretty much assume that they don't teach kids grammar or spelling in school any more. Education might be the key. Oh, and less IM and text message speak.